Brewhive – Novel idea, beers only available on line.

Brewhive – Novel idea, beers only available on line.

Brewhive contacted me asking if I’d be willing to try their beers and provide feedback. I of course agreed.
A new set up the Brewhive website offers advice about glassware and food pairing-always good to see. There is also a blog. See
Box of hoppy promise
Brewhive’s beers are currently brewed in C & C’s small batch brewery in Ireland. C & C are a huge company who own brands such as Bulmers, Blackthorn and Magners-hence Brewhive also have a cider in their range. C & C also have the Tennents brand and a range of soft drinks.
Brewhive have only gone into the mail order market so you cannot get their beers anywhere else including any pubs. This they tell me is so customers have an ‘exclusive experience’.
Brewhive also tell me they hope expand their range creating some new beers including some limited edition collab brews with small breweries – exciting times!

So to the beers. The packaging is good featuring a nice simple hop inspired logo but I am not as keen on the branding on the bottles if I’m allowed to be picky. The bottle labeling is however helpfully colour coded – Green for IPA, Tan for Porter and Gold for lager.
The Line up

So to the beers. As I do probably 90% of the time I start light and work my way up so step up the first beer:

Blond brew – Pilsner, I really like this. I am a big fan of lager and spend a lot of my time telling people – beer and non beer drinkers alike that lager is a ‘proper’ beer type and not the devil’s work as some beer drinkers would have you believe. With a creamy head and a nose of bread and sweet corn, this Pilsner has a good rounded mouthful. The sweetness hit me first followed by grainy and slight vegetable notes. A great light refreshing lager.

Endeavour IPA – A very drinkable amber beer. Doesn’t have the hop hit or strength that I look for in an IPA. Nether the less a perfectly quaffable ale which would be a good session.

The one I had been looking forward to the most – The Chocolate Malt Porter. Just pouring this I could see that it’s got good body to it. Pitch in colour with characteristic red hints of a porter when held to the light. Coffee bean nose which continues to the taste. This porter has good carbonation giving it lift and also has a lovely month feel. Very nice!

Finally the cider (red label) – I am no expert on cider so I don’t feel qualified to judge other than to say it was a nice fruity cider and also very drinkable – good summer drink.

Good luck Brewhive. I look forward to your future brews.


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